Iron Modernist Record Shelving Brackets


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Q. Is wood included?

A. We sell brackets only; wood shelving shown in photos is a standard 1x12" size which can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, or any other local home improvement/lumber store.

Q. What's difference between raw and clear coat?

A. Visually, our clear coat and raw steel will be identical. The difference is that for the clear coat option, we cover the raw steel with a thin oil coat that will dry and protect the steel from future rust. If you plan to paint the brackets, you can select the raw steel option as paint will also prevent rust. Our cleat coat option can also be painted over later on if you decide you'd like to change it up. Photos with black brackets have been painted with a simple spray paint finish, but they can be painted any color!

Q. How are these priced?

A. Price listed is per bracket. We recommend one bracket per 48” of shelving and because each bracket is essentially a tripod, we do not recommend single bracket use.

Q. Can I mix and match heights?

A. Absolutely! Brackets of varying heights can be combined to create a custom look.

Q. What size wood do I need?

A. This will really depend on your space and your needs, which is the beauty of this system! Each bracket is hinged allowing it to accommodate different depths of shelving ranging from as shallow as 1x6" all the up to 1x16” deep while remaining sturdy. The hinges also allow the unit to fold flat for transportation or storage when not in use.

Q. Will these scratch my floors?

A. No, we include foot caps to prevent scratching of floors.

Q. How much space is between shelves? What about underneath?

A. These units have a shelving height of 13" between each shelf (after wood is installed), allowing them to be great record shelves, book shelves, media shelves, etc. There is also about 4.5" inches of spacing underneath the bottom shelf, which is perfect for your Roomba, shoes, etc.

Q. How much weight will these support?

A. While we don’t have an exact weight limit, we have tested these brackets at over 500lbs EACH.

Q. How tall are these brackets?


-2 shelves (19.75”/50cm height)
-3 shelves (34”/86cm height)
-4 shelves (48.5"/123cm height)
-5 shelves (63”/160cm height)
-6 shelves (76.75"/195cm height)
-7 shelves (91.5"/232cm height)

Q. What’s the minimum width of space required per single bracket;


If using 6"D boards - 38.5"W
If using 8"D boards - 37"W
If using 10”D boards - 35”W
If using 12”D boards - 32”W
If using 13”D boards - 29”W
If using 14”D boards - 26”W
If using 15”D boards - 24” W
If using 16”D boards 20”W

Q. How long will these take to get?

A. Each bracket is handmade to order here in California, but we are quick and we try to get them out within 3 days of placing your order!

Q. Can I customize the sizes?

A. Absolutely. Feel free to contact us for different sizes, pricing options, or special configurations that could be custom made to order.

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Just as described & great quality

Saw these in a friend's home and had to get them for myself once I moved.

It is as pictured and described!

So cute and highly customizable!

The seller shipped these out very quickly and has been so kind and swift in responding to questions on how to use the brackets. Thank you!!

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