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**Please read description prior to purchase**

Our handmade-to-order iron shelving brackets are the solution to your storage qualms. These versatile, infinitely configurable yet simple brackets can suit the needs of many. Perfect for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and kids rooms, garages, laundry rooms, retail or office spaces, etc.

Shelves come in 5 standard heights and 4 standard depths.

Standard heights;
2 shelves - 17”
3 shelves - 33.5”
4 shelves - 50”
5 shelves - 66.5”
6 shelves - 83”

Standard depths; 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”

Each shelf has a spacing of 16” to allow the storage of records, taller books, candle sticks, etc.

Varying depths may be ideal for different storage needs. 12” deep shelves may be ideal for records, books, a retail clothing space, etc. 6” deep shelves could be ideal for kitchen storage, spices, mugs, jewelry retail, etc.

Each order includes ONE bracket and as many brackets can be purchased to span longer distances. Brackets of varying heights can be mixed and matched to fill your desired space.

Brackets come in raw steel and ready to be painted to suite your spaces needs (our examples are shown in satin black).

While we have not tested the breaking strength, our last photo is shown with 330lbs resting on just two brackets.

For further customization, design help, commercial projects or other questions, please email us.

Additional photos shown are custom variations created for clients spaces.

Each order is hand-made to order, please allow between 7-14 days prior to shipment.


***Photo 1 - shown with 2 brackets, 5 shelves/12" depth
***Photo 2 - shown with 2 brackets, 5 shelves/12" depth
***Photo 3 - shown with 2 brackets, 2 shelves/10" depth
***Photo 4 - shown with 3 brackets, 3 shelves/6" depth
***Photo 5 - Custom arrangement
***Photo 6 - Custom arrangement


Add LIP to end of brackets for glass shelving.

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