Modular Wall Shelving Brackets.


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**Please read FAQ's prior to purchase**

Q. Is wood included? 

A. We sell brackets only; wood shelving shown in photos are all standard sizes which can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, or any other local home improvement/lumber store. Many will even cut them to your specific length, free of charge!

Q. How are these priced? 

A. Price listed is per bracket. We recommend one bracket per 32” of shelving, or every 16” if you’ll be loading the heavily!

Q. Can I mix and match heights? 

A. Absolutely! Brackets of varying heights can be combined to create a custom look.

Q. What finish do these come in?

A. Brackets come in raw steel and are ready to be painted to suite your spaces needs (our examples are shown in satin black). 

Q. What size wood do I need? 

A. This will really depend on your space and your needs, which is the beauty of this system! We make these in various sizes to accommodate depths of shelving ranging from 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”.

Q. How much space is between shelves? 

A. These units have a shelving height of 16” between each shelf (after wood is installed), allowing them to be great record shelves, book shelves, media shelves, etc. If you’d like custom spacing, please contact us and we can make it happen.

Q. How much weight will these support?

A. While we don’t have an exact weight limit, we have tested these brackets at over 330lbs per pair. 

Q. How tall are these brackets?

2 shelves - 17”
3 shelves - 33.5”
4 shelves - 50”
5 shelves - 66.5”
6 shelves - 83”

Q. How long will these take to get?

A. Each bracket is handmade to order here in California, but we are quick and we try to get them out within 3-5 days of placing your order!

Q. Can I customize the sizes? 

A. Absolutely. Feel free to contact us for different sizes, pricing options, or special configurations that could be custom made to order.

Free shipping within contiguous United States only.

***Photo 1 - shown with 2 brackets, 5 shelves/12" depth
***Photo 2 - shown with 2 brackets, 5 shelves/12" depth
***Photo 3 - shown with 2 brackets, 2 shelves/10" depth
***Photo 4 - shown with 3 brackets, 3 shelves/6" depth
***Photo 5 - Custom arrangement
***Photo 6 - 2 brackets, 5 shelves/12" depth

The shelves look so good! I’m stoked with the brackets. Customer service was awesome! Custom brackets were made lightning fast. Couldn’t be happier!

Minimalist shelf bracket when combined with nice hardwood planks looks very high end. Tried looking at furniture stores but nothing captured the look I am going for until I saw these.

Very happy with the brackets.

Great quality, exactly what I've been looking for

BEAUTIFUL brackets for shelves! Before we purchased them, I messaged them with questions and they were very responsive!

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